Table of Contents
What is a PLC? 4
PLC History 5
Theory of Operation
The Internals 7
How it works 10
Response Time 12
Effects of Response Time 13
Creating Programs
Relays 17
Replacing Relays 18
Basic Instructions 22
Basic Program Example 26
PLC Registers 27
A Level Application 31
How a Ladder is Scanned 33
Main Instruction Set
Latching Instructions 35
Counters 39
Timers 44
Timer Accuracy 49
One-Shots 51
Master Controls 55
Shift Registers 60
Moving Data 67
Math 72
Number Systems 75
Boolean Math 82
DC Inputs 88
AC Inputs 90
Relay Outputs 92
Transistor Outputs 94
Manufacturers 96

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